Relief Staff

Applying for relief positions at Arbor Grove Primary School

We are currently using the services of the ClassCover program to facilitate easier application for relief staff and easier notification and scheduling of relief positions. ClassCover’s website and mobile phone app are available free from the AppStore and Googleplay.

You can register and submit your details online through the ClassCover program. Please remember once you create a ClassCover profile, you must update your availability.  If you leave your availability as Havent Indicated, you will not be offered relief days.

Once you have uploaded your documents (resume, TRBWA details, Working With Children Card), please record your Department of Education ID Number in Teacher Registration Number field – eg E111111. 

Email advising that you have updated your profile and would like to be considered for relief work at Arbor Grove Primary.

I have received an invitation to register for Arbor Grove Primary School relief

If you receive an email, stating that you are invited to register for relief at our school please create a profile if you don’t already have one, download the app, upload the documents listed above and update your availability.

If you have been booked for relief and are unable to work, please text 0484 683 488 (Teaching) or 0484 627 964 (Support Staff) as soon as possible.

Please note ClassCover is not a relief agency. The selection of relief staff for employment at Arbor Grove Primary School and the assigning of relief jobs are managed by the relief coordinator. Any concerns or issues please contact the school on (08) 9297 9300