Welcome To Arbor Grove Primary School


How do I apply for enrolment at Arbor Grove Primary School?

Arbor Grove Primary School accepts enrolments throughout the year. Applications for enrolment may be made in person at the school or managed through other means. Upon application the school requires a copy of the child’s birth certificate and immunisation history statement. If the child has entered the country from overseas the passport must be provided so the visa details may be determined.

Children in pre-primary to year 6 that reside within the school’s boundaries are guaranteed a place at the school. The school welcomes out of boundary enrolments when vacancies are available.  Proof of address is required upon application.

At what age does my child attend kindergarten?

Children commence kindergarten if they will turn four in the year they attend. Kindergarten is a part time program for 15 hours per week. While Kindergarten is not compulsory, almost all parents send their children to a kindergarten program so their children can get the best possible start to their schooling.

How do I enrol a child with a diagnosed disability or learning difficulty?

Arbor Grove Primary School welcomes all students into our community. If your child has a diagnosed disability or learning difficulty, please make an appointment with the Principal or Deputy Principal prior to your child commencing. We will be keen to understand your child’s needs, plan for their successful transition into the school and the ongoing management of their needs.

My child is in a composite (split) class. What does this mean?

A composite class has two or more grades in it. Teaching staff are well practiced in managing the diverse needs of students in the class. Arbor Grove Primary School does not believe that children are disadvantaged, either academically or socially by being placed in composite classes.

What are School Development Days?

School Development Days provide opportunities for the school staff to engage in professional learning and planning activities aimed at improving the achievements of the students in our care. The children do not attend school on a School Development Day. The dates for School Development Days can be found on the school website.

What fees and charges are payable to attend the school?

No fees are payable to attend a public school. A range of contribution and charges are payable for specific activities, excursions or events. These matters are usually communicated to the parents of the students involved by letter.

A copy of the Contribution and Charges is available by contacting the school.

My child has a medical condition or requires medication. How is this managed?

If your child has a medical condition or requires regular medication you should make an appointment with a Deputy Principal to manage the matter. Further information is available from the school website.

What are the school hours?

Students should not arrive at school prior to 8.30am as it is not safe for them to be at school unsupervised. Students on school grounds prior to 8.30am will need to wait in the following designated areas:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Kindy to Year 1 - Galenia Alcove

Years 2 to 4 - Outside the Library

Year 5 and 6 - Eremaea Alcove

Tuesdays and Thursdays (Breakfast Club days):

ALL students are to be situated in the undercover area whether they are participating in Breakfast Club or not.

At 8.30am teachers are in their classrooms so students can enter classes and prepare for the day. Lessons start at 8.40am.

Students arriving at school late miss critical morning routines or learning activities. The school day begins at 8.40 and students will not be considered late if they are in class by this time. Should you arrive after 8.55am, students are required to go to the front office to get a late note. Students who arrive after 9.30am are recorded as absent for the morning session.

Parents collecting their children during the school day are required to contact the office to sign them out. A slip will be provided to the parent which needs to be presented to the teacher prior to the children being released from class. It is vital that when enrolling children the names of all people authorised to pick children up from school are listed on the enrolment form. To ensure the security of all children, you may be asked for identification at the time of pick up. In the interests of child protection, no child will be permitted to be picked up by an unauthorised person.

Do children have to wear school uniforms?

All students are required to conform to the Dress Code. They are to be clean and appropriately dressed for school activities.

Uniforms are available for purchase at Lowes located at The Shops in Ellenbrook or online at www.lowes.com.au/schools-online.aspx. Contact Lowes directly for opening hours on 6296 7487.

How do I volunteer in the school?

Volunteers are always welcome because it helps to foster the partnership between parents and the school. Parents need to complete a Confidential Declaration form prior to volunteering. Parents should contact their child’s classroom teacher or attend a meeting of the Parents and Citizens Association if they wish to volunteer.


To reduce the risk of incidents around our school all parents are encouraged to adhere to the following guidelines. It is also important that other people who may take your child to and from school (e.g. grandparents or babysitters) are made aware of this information.

  • Always drive slowly and watch for children crossing
  • Be courteous and patient with other road users
  • Please be aware of the 40km per hour speed limit on the streets surrounding the school on school days between 7.30am - 9.00am and 2.30pm - 4.00pm.Motorists who fail to obey the 40km/hr limit at the times shown may face a fine
  • Parents with an ACROD permit can access all disabled parking bays. An infringement notice can be issued by Council Rangers for incorrect use of these bays.
  • Parking is prohibited in the Staff Car Park, Canteen and Dental Therapy Car Park and designated bus bays
  • U-Turns are unsafe where children are walking and cycling
  • No parking in driveways, on footpaths or verges
  • Do not double park
  • Take particular care when reversing